Custom-built products for new STC Rotterdam construction project

The STC-Group is an educational institution for the shipping, transport and port sectors. Its head office is in Rotterdam. STC started the construction of a new school in the Waalhaven in Rotterdam-Zuid in late December 2015, right next to an existing STC educational building. In the coming 2017-2018 school year, STC-Zuid will be a modern campus where VMBO and MBO students can receive high-quality practical education.

The electrotechnical installations in the building were fitted by Croonwolter&dros. As a supplier of pluggable products and diverse supply chain solutions, Eleqtron was closely involved in the realisation of these installations. Hans van Efferen is a Site Manager at Croonwolter&dros. “In the organisational structure for this new construction, STC-Group is the end-customer to whom we must report. This is a nice set-up for us, because it makes planning and communication very clear, with everyone’s responsibilities clearly indicated. We’ve been working here for six months now, and the project is due for completion in June this year.”

Supply chain solution
Hans van Efferen has worked extensively with pluggable products. “René den Haan from Eleqtron was involved in this project from the early stages and is highly proficient in advising on and developing custom-built products. So a lot of prefab pluggable products were created, letting us carry out the necessary work with fewer personnel. That saves us both time and money. For example, we used special control boxes for the blinds, and innumerable patch cables which were all supplied exactly according to our specifications. And we are also receiving special prefabricated assemblies supplied by Eleqtron with PVC pipe, in a structure with multiple electrical connections. These are always neatly coded and packaged, and are delivered in separate shipments for each floor. This supply chain solution also helps us to save more.” In addition to the prefab products, Eleqtron also supplied the floor boxes and the sensors for the toilets.

Logistic support
A special aspect of this project is that Eleqtron is providing logistic support. Hans van Efferen: “Eleqtron has contributed useful ideas here too. They provided logistic support for the delivery of the lighting and fixtures. These were also implemented in pluggable form. So simple!”

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