Eleqtron, partner in the new construction of De Rotterdam

The ‘De Rotterdam’ building, completed in the city of the same name in 2014, is one of the largest buildings in the Netherlands with a total surface of approximately 160,000 m². De Rotterdam was designed by the renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas of the architectural firm OMA. As a partner in pluggable solutions for installer Croonwolter&dros, Eleqtron was very closely involved in this extensive project.

Vertical city
De Rotterdam is bedoeld om te wonen, te werken en te ontspannen. Het grootste deel van het gebouw wordt gebruikt als kantoorruimte en woontoren. Het heeft 240 appartementen, 72.000 m² aan kantoren, conferentieruimten en een ondergrondse parkeergarage van twee bouwlagen met ruim 670 parkeerplaatsen. Daarnaast is er een hotel met 285 kamers en zijn er diverse horecaruimtes. De functies van De Rotterdam zijn in blokken gegroepeerd, maar de verschillende gebruikersgroepen ontmoeten elkaar op verschillende plaatsen in het gebouw. Dit vormt een concept dat door OMA omschreven wordt als ‘verticale stad.’

Croonwolter&dros was the electrical installer for the construction of De Rotterdam. Eleqtron supplied the products for the complete, pluggable installation. For the lighting control in the hotel, the company supplied special room controllers, fully prefabricated. These controllers are linked to the data communication protocol BACnet.

Supply Chain and pre-assembled solutions
Efficiency was the key word during the construction process of De Rotterdam: do not waste anything. Because of the minimum space on and around the construction site, supplied materials had to be processed immediately.
Eleqtron complied with this by offering special Supply Chain and pre-assembled solutions. To this end, the Qneqt pluggable products were pre-assembled as much as possible and delivered with a label indicating the corresponding location. This included pre-assembled wall sockets and switches. During the new construction, Eleqtron almost continuously provided partial deliveries: at the right place and at the right time. A stock of pre-assembled, immediately available products was kept. These solutions saved time, reduced costs and minimised risks. This allowed Croonwolter&dros to focus optimally on its core competencies.

Enormous quantities
Eleqtron supplied an enormous amount of products for De Rotterdam. These products included, for example, approximately 47,000 pluggable Qneqt cables and 1400 presence detectors!

De Rotterdam has earned the Dutch GreenCalc label A. GreenCalc+ is an instrument that allows mapping the sustainability of a building or neighbourhood. GreenCalc+ assesses sustainability on three aspects: the use of materials, water consumption and energy consumption. This high score was partly due to the innovative, sustainable solutions that were applied. These solutions included thermal energy storage, presence detectors, RF presence detectors in stairwells and the parking garage, lighting with daylight facilities and lighting controls.

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