Many benefits for construction team at high-profile data center Bytesnet d’ROOT in Groningen

Bytesnet, a provider of datacenter services, entered into a new and high-profile data center and lab at the end of 2018 with d’ROOT Groningen. Eleqtron supplied the prefab Qneqt installation for the data hall, together with the DALI light control and wireless presence detectors. Thanks in part to the plug-in size design from Eleqtron, the construction team was relieved of this innovative data center.

Bytesnet d’ROOT Groningen
The new d’ROOT Data Competence Center of Bytesnet in Groningen counts as an innovative data center with great added value for the Northern region in the Netherlands. D’ROOT has, among other things, a data lab, where customers and partners of Bytesnet can make use of work, presentation, research and test rooms. This literally and figuratively green building stands in the middle of the Zernike Campus Groningen, near the ‘Energy Transition Center’ (EnTranCe). Dutch Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (Education, Culture and Science) opened the futuristic data center on Wednesday 14 November 2018.

d’ROOT is an open and accessible building that benefits the entire northern ICT community. Companies, scientists and students can make use of the most modern ICT facilities, such as High Performance Computing. A high level of security is guaranteed while the data floor is fully open to those who have to work there. There is 24/7 personalized access to the building, the room, the cage or even the rack based on biometrics (iris scan).

Bytesnet d’ROOT is one of the most energy-efficient data centers in the Netherlands. By using innovative, sustainable techniques, the energy consumption is considerably lower than usual. D’ROOT also supplies its residual heat to the WarmteStad, for the heating of houses and buildings in Groningen.

CP Electronics DALI light control
Eleqtron supplied the complete, pluggable Qneqt installation in the data hall for the Bytesnet d’ROOT project. This concerns the system cabling for the CP Electronics DALI light control and the wireless presence detectors. For this Eleqtron worked together with Kropman Installatietechniek. The wiring was, as is usually the case with Eleqtron, completely custom-made prefabricated. The detectors were pre-programmed by Eleqtron and fully commissioned in the data center. With this the construction team at Bytesnet d’ROOT was greatly relieved.

Bytesnet is an independent Dutch provider of data center services. In Groningen and Rotterdam, the organization also offers housing and co-location in addition to connectivity. Bytesnet provides its services from four themes: Housing & Co-Location, Expert Services, Data Innovation and Network Services.

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