Smart lighting control for New Tide building in Rotterdam

Eleqtron, distributor of CP Electronics products in the Netherlands, has made a significant contribution to the renovation of the New Tide office building in Rotterdam-Prins Alexander. A smart intelligent Lighting Control System of CP Electronics has been delivered for controlling the DALI lighting, together with a Eleqtron Qneqt pluggable installation. In addition, the energy distribution under the raised floor has been fully supplied by the company with prefabricated junction boxes and Qneqt pluggable cabling. Eleqtron worked with BAM Bouw en Techniek on this project.

Lighting Control System
The lighting is controlled with the help of AN10 Presence Detectors from CP Electronics. These are detectors that are plugged in in the normal way, equipped with the Eleqtron Q-T sensor plug, and communicate radio-frequency with each other. As a result, the presence detectors in the open-plan offices are wirelessly connected, even if they are connected to different power supplies. In addition, the detectors are programmed so that they provide switching of the lighting in the offices in the imaginary corridor zone. This means that no luminaires need to be placed in the corridors; in fact, the luminaires are used in the adjoining rooms. A illuminance of 200 lux is thus guaranteed. With this well thought-out solution a considerable saving has been achieved!

Eleqtron has completely taken care of the engineering for this Lighting Control System. The presence detectors are preprogrammed and provided with labels supplied on the project. In this way, BAM can easily install from the drawing.

Workplace solutions
The cabling of the workstations comes completely out of the raised floor. A plastic cable gland with cable guide from EVOline has been used in the floor. It is possible to connect a wire lane to this cable duct so that cables coming out of the floor are neatly protected and guided to the workplace in an orderly manner. Under the floor, metal junction boxes are placed, equipped with 3-phase male and female plugs and six 3-pole female connectors. This will feed the workstations.

Supply Chain solutions
Eleqtron has delivered BAM Bouw en Techniek with smart Supply Chain solutions for the New Tide project. The products have been packaged and delivered per component and so considerable savings have been made in terms of time and costs within the logistics chain.

New Tide
Until 2012, the New Tide building was the head office of NRC Handelsblad and the AD. By order of OVG Real Estate, the building, with an office space of 18,900 m², has been completely renovated. Here only the façade, construction floors and columns remained intact. The result is that the energy label of the building dating from 1988 has been improved from label E to label A. Since April 2017, around 1,000 employees of the Police Services Center have been working in the building. In Rotterdam, support services such as HRM, Facility and Communication are established.

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