Eleqtron is happy to work out your lighting plan (free of charge)!

With its Qneqt brand, Eleqtron is the specialist in the Netherlands for pluggable installation. Our products are widely used in lighting projects. Thanks to these prefab products, you can install faster and easier. This saves you installation time and costs!

Deliver lighting plan
Thanks to the support of Eleqtron, pluggable installation is now even easier to realize. You can deliver your lighting plan to us, after which we draw in the pluggable cables. It’s that easy!

How does this work?

  • You send a 2D drawing of your lighting plan to Eleqtron.
  • We process the correct cables and accessories in this drawing.
  • We also place this information in the legend, arranged by color.
  • We will send the quotation at the same time.
  • You can process this information in your quotation and offer it to your customer.
  • There are no costs attached to this!

    Please send your drawing to sales@eleqtron.nl

Less failure costs
An additional advantage is that with the development of your lighting plan by our specialists, your installation becomes less complex. This significantly reduces the risk of failure costs.

All “pluggable brands” available assembled
Eleqtron supplies assembled, pluggable products of all brands. This makes it possible to respond directly, brand-independent, to any “pluggable demand” of an electrical engineering project. At our assembly locations, pluggable connections such as cables, cables, flat tape, junction boxes and other special components are tailor-made for you, i.e. prefab. Eleqtron only carries pluggable products for its Qneqt range for which a CE mark and a KEMA quality mark have been issued. Naturally, the Qneqt products meet the requirements, including the NEN 1010: 2015 standard.

Eleqtron method
Eleqtron distinguishes itself with its method. After all, a project is handled in very close cooperation with you. Advice, prefab customization and construction supervision are central to this. The Eleqtron method will save you time and money!

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