Eleqtron makes drivers for LED Lighting easy to plug in

Drivers for LED Lighting are often ‘non-pluggable’ assembled. This means that it costs a lot of time and money for an installer to provide a driver with pluggable connections.

Save on costs
Eleqtron responds to this with its extensive options for assembly. We can quickly and easily provide drivers with pluggable connections for the power supply and often for DALI lighting control. We usually use our unique Q-T plug, a handy distributor for pluggable installations. With the use of pluggable drivers you save a lot on installation time and costs. Make use of it!

Assembly options Eleqtron
In the assembly area of ​​Eleqtron in Numansdorp (The Netherlands), our employees make prefab plug-in Qneqt connections such as cables, flat cable, wall sockets and special electrotechnical components. This also takes place at suppliers in Europe. These prefab products are characterized by excellent quality, in combination with a fast and flexible working method. And we can deliver these products ‘brand-independent.’ This allows Eleqtron to respond directly to the demand of a project. End products are continuously tested for correct connection and operation. In addition, all products comply with the CE mark. Eleqtron’s work processes are excellently safeguarded, so that the quality can ultimately be fully traced and guaranteed.

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