The next step in charging

Qcharge ZAPTEC Pro charger from Eleqtron

With the introduction of the Qcharge total concept, Eleqtron takes the next step in the charging of electric vehicles (EV): the advantages of dynamic charging combined with a flat cable installation, a highly flexible form of energy distribution. This allows you to easily adapt the installation and increase the number of charging points. As a result, you can considerably increase the loading capacity with a limited investment.

Charging no fewer than 100 vehicles with a 63A installation
With Qcharge, Eleqtron offers dynamic load-phase balance. This, in combination with a smart cloud platform, makes it (theoretically) possible to charge no fewer than 100 electric vehicles with one 63 amp power supply. This solution is easy to combine with a flexible Qneqt flat cable. This results in an optimum charging solution within the existing supply capacity of a building or apartment complex. The threshold for ‘entry’ in terms of electric driving is therefore reduced.

Advantages of Qcharge total concept:

  • Expand flexibly to 100 EV chargers on one 63 A circuit.
  • Charge up to three times as many electric vehicles compared to traditional solutions: your capacity requirement can thus reduce by up to 90%.
  • Smart solution: automatic distribution of available power over multiple charging points. Thanks to the dynamic load-phase balancing, the phases are always symmetrically loaded and peak loads are smoothed out.
  • Future-proof: by working with the flexible Qneqt flat cable and the use of the backplates for the charging points.
  • Straightforward and highly compact electrical installation with flexible flat cable.
  • Electrical protection built into charging point (or charging post).
  • Convenient cloud platform for configuration, consumption measurement and connection to other systems.
  • 5-year product guarantee.

Eleqtron represents Zaptec from Norway for the Qcharge concept in the Netherlands: Zaptec is an innovative producer of charging technology for electric vehicles. With Qcharge, Eleqtron uses its prefab Qneqt vlakbandkabel from the Swiss manufacturer Woertz.

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the next step in charging

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