Lighting controls

Lighting is responsible for as much as approximately 40% of a building’s energy consumption. By using it more efficiently with a lighting control or management system, you can save a lot!

An intelligent lighting control system forms the basis of energy savings on the lighting installations in your building. You also get the advantages of ease of use, comfort and safety. Eleqtron usually uses the DALI protocol for its lighting controls, an international standard for intelligent and easy management of lighting systems. You can use this to create a small or an extensive lighting control system. This can be controlled centrally with touch screens and be linked to alarm or security systems.

Eleqtron has broad experience in lighting controls. Together with our supplier CP Electronics, we can engineer and configure custom solutions for you. With the Qneqt range of presence detectors and pluggable solutions, we can deliver a complete system to you quickly and cost effectively. Eleqtron also provides maintenance of lighting controls.

Eleqtron works with Rapid lighting controls for its projects.

Eleqtron has various options for integrating lighting into building management systems. Whether this involves controls for lighting and sun shading in large buildings or controls in a single boardroom, Eleqtron can offer custom solutions. Complete engineering and delivered in full working order!

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