Maintenance and service

No device or installation can work without periodic maintenance, and that includes your lighting controls and technical systems. Regular maintenance reduces the chance of faults, extends the lifespan and ensures that your installation continues to work as efficiently, safely and economically as possible. This not only prevents faults, but it can also save you unexpected costs. Because as you might know from experience, faults often occur at the worst possible moment.

With a service contract from Eleqtron, you can rely on good and efficient maintenance of your installations. There are standards such as NEN 3140 that need to be complied with, which is why this is only done by skilled, certified service technicians.

Examples of service contract options
With a service contract, you are guaranteed a minimum response time, free repair or replacement of the equipment and/or components included in the contract, and provision of corrective and preventive maintenance. With a service contract your installation is also provided with new software annually (if available).

We always offer you a customised service contract. Here are some examples of the most popular options:

  • Software upgrade of all the existing software under licence.
  • Guarantee of condition and functioning of the programming in all modules present.
  • Remote backup for Server & Visualisation.
  • Endpoint Asset monitoring (system performance, visualisation computer).
  • Spyware/adware/malware protection.
  • Full I²D Bus measurement.
  • Full check of the configuration codes.
  • Testing the proper functioning of all modules installed.
  • Drawing up a report.
  • Drawing up specifications for worn and/or defective items.

The first faults can often be analysed and, if possible, resolved directly with Telemaintenance by means of a TeamViewer session in consultation with the contractor. If the fault is such that external management does not offer a solution, there will be feedback about possible subsequent steps by telephone. For Telemaintenance, it is necessary that you provide an ADSL connection or another suitable internet connection to Eleqtron.

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