Rapid lighting controls

The Rapid system meets the strictest requirements for lighting controls. Rapid is easy to integrate into the facilities management of a building, including the full control and testing of emergency lighting. Rapid also offers the advantages of lower investment costs and less complexity.

Rapid can be addressed fully and is networkable, a combination of state of the art technology and an easy to use graphical user interface. This can be configured to monitor/manage rooms, floors or an entire building. The Rapid control modules are connected to each other on every floor, and multiple floors are connected to each other with Rapid area controllers. In this way, Rapid offers engineers the flexibility to create a refined, scalable lighting system.

Because the Rapid system offers full addressability, it provides tremendous flexibility. Addresses can be added or reconfigured to respond to changing needs. The flexibility can also be complemented with our complete range of PIR and microwave presence detectors, which can be used for a wide range of needs.

Remote monitoring and configuration
Rapid can be supplied with a special PC and software to enable the system administrator to operate it easily or reconfigure a part of the lighting. A built-in events calendar offers the possibility of scheduling lighting controls for special occasions such as cleaning, lamp lighting and testing emergency lighting.

Fictitious corridors
Switching off the lighting in sections of a partially occupied but open office can be hazardous or annoying to the other staff. Rapid offers the solution: the system administrator can create fictitious corridors of light to allow the staff to continue working safely without disturbance. This also provides considerable energy savings.

Setting and calling up scenes
With Rapid, users can create and call up lighting levels as desired. For example, a meeting room can be set to different lighting levels, which is necessary for presentations, for instance. Switching between scenes is easy and convenient with the stylish scene control panel. This panel (also called the scene plate) can be used to set 8 scenes, with only 4 buttons.

Directed daylight control
In combination with the Qneqt presence detectors with dimming function, Rapid offers an advanced daylight control. Rapid can reduce the light output of the fixtures gradually.

Rapid switching
Rapid is a lighting control system for demanding users. It is ideal in buildings where there are many changes or where there is a need to reconfigure the lighting by computer. Fixtures can be managed individually or collectively, whether on a floor or in a whole building. Rapid is also easy to integrate into the facilities management of a building, including the full control and testing of emergency lighting.

Complete range
A full range of presence detectors, PIR presence detectors, microwave sensors and highly effective dimming software offers efficient lighting without compromising user comfort. Sun shading control and visualisation of faults and BMS reports are combined in the most user friendly visualisation software that is delivered in full working order in consultation with the construction teams involved.

Rapid products
The following Rapid lighting controls are available:

  • Fully pluggable module with 3 (type EBR-LCM3-1DD) or 10 (type EBR-LCM10-10) addressable outputs. 6-pin outputs.
  • Fully pluggable DALI module. A maximum of 64 DALI addresses can be assigned, fully configurable as desired (type EBR-LCM-DALIG64).
  • DIN rail module, flexible solution to manage lighting from the central distribution panel. Two dimensions are available, a 1-channel and a 5-channel module (type EBR-DIN-LCM).
  • DIN rail module for controlling a maximum of 64 addressable DALI devices (type EBR-DIN-DALIG64).
  • Compact 1-channel module (type LMS).
  • Open Systems Gateway to link the powerful RAPID system to other open protocol systems (type EBR-OSC1).
  • Module that provides an interface from the Rapid system to a set of DALI ballasts, wired to one DALI bus together. Possibility of 10 individually addressable DALI addresses (type EBR-MOD-DALIG).
  • Module with 8 addressable outputs that enable switching, dimming with DALI/DSI or 1-10V (type EBR-LCM).
  • Area Controller for DIN rail to manage all the Rapid modules at one segment or floor. Also provides communication between the different segments or floors (type EBR-DIN-AC).

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