Presence detectors

Presence detectors

Qneqt presence detectors, from our representative CP Electronics, make life easier and more comfortable. By controlling the detectors, many tasks in a building can be managed entirely automatically. In addition to lighting, that includes heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and security. This enables you to save on energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Partly as a result of the BREEAM concept, in which offices are categorised according to energy efficiency.

Advantages of Qneqt presence detectors:

Saving on energy costs, reduction in CO2 emissions
Easily and intelligently programmable
Reliable functioning
Can be perfectly integrated in our pluggable Qneqt concept

The range of Qneqt presence detectors consists of:

Passive infrared detectors in 230 V and 24 V
Microwave detectors for open spaces in 230V and 24V
High Bay detectors, specifically for warehouses and halls
Detectors based on RF technology
Handheld transmitters and accessories
The standard 230V presence detectors have a clean, white, inconspicuous design. The microwave detectors (reach of up to approximately 30 metres) have a modern look and offer attractive functions such as presence and absence detection, detection sensitivity, adjustability in terms of time and lux. The lighting can also be operated manually using a switch or IR remote control.

The unique AN-10 package of wireless linkable detectors is ideally suited for satisfying the BREEAM guidelines. The wireless connection of detectors means the possibilities are endless.

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