We can support your project preparation with engineering and calculation, which also includes BIM files for your pluggable installation. Following your requirements and wishes, we develop prefab solutions for building management with, among other things, DALI-controlled lighting, climate and sun blinds. We also offer various energy-saving solutions which allow modern newbuild projects to improve their BREEAM scores. If desired, our technicians can provide support upon delivery and in the event of service and maintenance.

The way we work is characterised by:

  • speed and flexibility
  • a solution-oriented approach
  • brand independence
  • innovation
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  • Supply Chain solutions

With our Qneqt and Qcharge product lines you are assured of the highest quality and most innovative solutions.


New-build AFAS Experience Center: everything integrated

New-build AFAS Experience Center: everything integrated

New-build AFAS Experience Center in Leusden
New-build AFAS Experience Center in Leusden with Qneqt flat cable
New-build AFAS Experience Center in Leusden with the theatre
New-build AFAS Experience Center in Leusden
New-build AFAS Experience Center in Leusden
New-build AFAS Experience Center in Leusden

The AFAS Experience Center, a special new-build project of AFAS Software, is being built in Leusden (The Netherlands). The design is based on the changed way of working, learning and living. Everything is integrated with each other, just like the AFAS software. The project is being realized by Dura Vermeer and HOMIJ Technische Installations. Eleqtron works together with HOMIJ for pluggable cabling, including prefab flat cable. Construction and installation work is still in full swing. The delivery of the AFAS Experience Center will take place this year.

Various buildings
AFAS Software is already located in Leusden, a stone’s throw from the new building. However, the AFAS Experience Center will soon offer much more than just a new head office. The enormous complex consists of several buildings that are connected to each other, 62,000 m2 in size. There is a main building with intermediate buildings for demonstrations, sports, training, studios, restaurant and an inner garden. There is also a complete, professional theater building. It has more than 800 seats for own presentations, meetings and long-term theater productions. The AFAS Experience Center has been developed as “sustainable” as possible. For example, the complex is almost energy neutral, green sedum roofs are used and it has no gas connection. Dubotechniek’s installation ONE is used for the generation of heat and cold.

Installations and Building Physics
In collaboration with installation consultant Valstar Simonis and construction physics consultant Peutz, HOMIJ made proposals and specifications for the installations and construction physics. Based on the starting points, but also looking closely at what can be improved and optimized, the project is now being realized in collaboration with Dura Vermeer. Wouter Ruisch is Project Manager at HOMIJ and he explains the new construction of the AFAS Experience Center. “This is definitely a major project for us, with responsibility for all electrical and mechanical installations in the various AFAS buildings. But we have a lot of experience with these kinds of large projects. This suits us very well. What works well here are the short lines of communication with the AFAS construction management. As far as quality is concerned, AFAS always goes for a 10. That is demanding, but we are fine with that. “

DLS installation concept
At AFAS, HOMIJ works with its integral DLS installation concept for non-residential construction. This combines electrical and mechanical facilities. Integrality is already expressed in the design phase, which means that DLS seamlessly integrates into a BIM design process. Prefabrication is used during construction. HOMIJ therefore works directly behind the builders with DLS. Wouter Ruisch: “Working with DLS offers us many advantages. In particular, we can already assemble many mechanical components in our prefabrication workshop. This saves us a lot of money and time. We can use the DLS installation structure over and over again with the different buildings, only then executed slightly differently. The connections run from the floor as much as possible. “HOMIJ, for example, previously worked with the DLS concept at the Nieuwe Universiteitsgebouw Amsterdam, in collaboration with Eleqtron, among others.

Qneqt prefab cable
For the cabling, use was made of, among other things, Qneqt flat cable with the connections already pre-assembled in the right place. “It is nice that this solution from Eleqtron is also a prefab solution. This saves us enormously in costs and time and there are little or no failure costs. Naturally, we also mount the Qneqt flat ribbon cable on the gutter of our DLS installation concept. Almost all E and W components are thus optimally integrated. Eleqtron also supplied the corresponding plug-in cables and the 3- and 5-pole junction boxes. As said, it is a big project. Good cooperation with each other is crucial. That is going well with Eleqtron. “

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Smart charging at Caland Dock in The Hague

Smart charging at Caland Dock in The Hague

Collaboration with total installer Spindler

A parking garage is increasingly often directly equipped with a collective installation for charging electric cars. This is also happening at the Caland Dock project, on the Calandkade in The Hague. This Stebru project consists of 5 buildings with 550 homes and commercial spaces, which were completed at the beginning of this year. In addition, a parking garage has already been equipped with the Qcharge total concept for electric charging, with the charging infrastructure and charging points.

Spindler is the installer for this extensive Stebru project. As a “total installer” they provide all electrical and mechanical activities for the Caland Dock. John Koemans, electrical engineering project manager at Spindler, explains. “I became aware of Qcharge at the end of 2019. I visited the seminar that Eleqtron gave about this in Het Kasteel near Sparta Rotterdam. What struck me is that you can connect a relatively large number of charging points in a building with limited available power. So smart charging. The installation is quite simple and you can make it future-proof immediately. These are important advantages for us. “

Caland Dock
The Caland Dock project is one of the first projects with Qcharge for Spindler. John Koemans: “We have been working in housing construction for a long time, that is not new. So now we also see that a collective system for charging electric cars is increasingly being used. The choice for Qcharge has worked out well here. Charging is hassle-free. I don’t hear about potential problems. “

Experiences engineers
The Spindler engineers have also become acquainted with Qcharge. “They found it easy to assemble. Moreover, the flat cable can only be connected to the power supply and the junction boxes in one way, so that cannot be wrong. We could also easily lay the cable around the corner of a concrete column. “

In full use
Qcharge is now in full use. “After installation, Eleqtron takes care of the adjustment in the ZAPTEC cloud portal. So we don’t have any work on that and that is going well. “Meanwhile, there are plenty of installation projects for Spindler. “We also intend to work with Qcharge there. After all, we really enjoyed it. “

Qcharge total concept
With the Qcharge total concept, Eleqtron is taking the next step in charging electric vehicles (EV): the advantages of dynamic charging in combination with a flat band installation, a very flexible form of energy distribution.

Benefits Qcharge total concept:

  • Lower total costs per parking space.
  • One type of charging point suitable for all cars.
  • Charge up to 3x more electric cars compared to traditional solutions.
  • Flexible expanding to (theoretical) 100 EV chargers on one 63A group.
  • Smart solution: automatic distribution of available power over several charging stations.
  • In all circumstances, together with other residents, an optimally charged battery.
  • The layout of parking spaces can remain unchanged.
  • Automatic settlement of charging costs within the VvE, with E-Flux.
  • Electrical protections built into the charging point (or charging station).
  • Handy and free cloud platform for the administrator (including free updates).
  • 5 year product warranty.
  • Support with support and maintenance.

For the Qcharge concept in the Netherlands, Eleqtron represents the manufacturer Zaptec from Norway, an innovative manufacturer in charging technology for electric vehicles. With Qcharge, Eleqtron applies its prefab Qneqt flat ribbon cable from Swiss manufacturer Woertz.

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Great savings achieved at Marriott Hotel Hoofddorp

Great savings achieved at Marriott Hotel Hoofddorp

Saving on installation time and costs

During the renovation of the Courtyard by Marriott Amsterdam Airport Hotel in Hoofddorp, prefab ABB hsocket outlets from Eleqtron were installed. Thanks to the choice for these pluggable products, a considerable saving on installation time and costs has been achieved. With the ABB prefab socket outlets you can work 3 to 10 times faster.

Contemporary, European interior
The exclusive Courtyard by Marriott Amsterdam Airport Hotel has recently been expanded by 6,000 m². A total of 112 rooms have been added, including four extended stay studios. A contemporary, European interior and energy-efficient installations were chosen for this. Smart and energy-saving solutions have also been applied, such as orientation lighting across the floor, Smart TVs and mobile keys.

Own assembly Eleqtron
For this renovation, Eleqtron supplied all the prefab socket outlets with switch material for the hotel rooms to the Vink Installation Group. Eleqtron has assembled these products from ABB, entirely prefabricated and to size, in-house. The switching material consists, among other things, of wall sockets, also in versions that are provided with data and USB connections. Vink was able to process the pluggable connections behind a special furniture construction near the bed. This has created an extremely attractive solution.

ABB prefab socket outlets
The pluggable prefab socket outlets from ABB have already been assembled by Eleqtron for direct pluggable connection. Moreover, you can install this product quickly and without tools. This saves you a lot on installation time and costs. The prefab socket outlets are made of high-quality Busch-Jaeger switching material. A wide range is available, including a fire-resistant version. Thanks to the extensive options for assembly at Eleqtron, customization is always possible.

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