We can support your project preparation with engineering and calculation, which also includes BIM files for your pluggable installation. Following your requirements and wishes, we develop prefab solutions for building management with, among other things, DALI-controlled lighting, climate and sun blinds. We also offer various energy-saving solutions which allow modern newbuild projects to improve their BREEAM scores. If desired, our technicians can provide support upon delivery and in the event of service and maintenance.

The way we work is characterised by:

  • speed and flexibility
  • a solution-oriented approach
  • brand independence
  • innovation
  • customisation
  • Supply Chain solutions

With our Qneqt and Qcharge product lines you are assured of the highest quality and most innovative solutions.


Great savings achieved at Marriott Hotel Hoofddorp

Great savings achieved at Marriott Hotel Hoofddorp

Saving on installation time and costs

During the renovation of the Courtyard by Marriott Amsterdam Airport Hotel in Hoofddorp, prefab ABB hsocket outlets from Eleqtron were installed. Thanks to the choice for these pluggable products, a considerable saving on installation time and costs has been achieved. With the ABB prefab socket outlets you can work 3 to 10 times faster.

Contemporary, European interior
The exclusive Courtyard by Marriott Amsterdam Airport Hotel has recently been expanded by 6,000 m². A total of 112 rooms have been added, including four extended stay studios. A contemporary, European interior and energy-efficient installations were chosen for this. Smart and energy-saving solutions have also been applied, such as orientation lighting across the floor, Smart TVs and mobile keys.

Own assembly Eleqtron
For this renovation, Eleqtron supplied all the prefab socket outlets with switch material for the hotel rooms to the Vink Installation Group. Eleqtron has assembled these products from ABB, entirely prefabricated and to size, in-house. The switching material consists, among other things, of wall sockets, also in versions that are provided with data and USB connections. Vink was able to process the pluggable connections behind a special furniture construction near the bed. This has created an extremely attractive solution.

ABB prefab socket outlets
The pluggable prefab socket outlets from ABB have already been assembled by Eleqtron for direct pluggable connection. Moreover, you can install this product quickly and without tools. This saves you a lot on installation time and costs. The prefab socket outlets are made of high-quality Busch-Jaeger switching material. A wide range is available, including a fire-resistant version. Thanks to the extensive options for assembly at Eleqtron, customization is always possible.

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Smart prefab solutions with the DWT Group at Domein het Camperveer

Smart prefab solutions with the DWT Group at Domein het Camperveer

This prefab working saves no less than half the time!’

Tourism in the province of Zeeland )The Netherlands) is still increasing. And that’s not surprising. This province offers a beautiful “backdrop” and excellent conditions for recreation and sports. Roompot Projects, a specialist in recreational real estate, responds to this. With Domein Het Camperveer in Kamperland they sell exclusive recreational houses in a spatial and natural environment. Eleqtron makes a substantial contribution to these new homes with prefab Qneqt products.

DWT Groep
Eleqtron cooperates with the DWT Groep on this project. This company is the installer at Domein Het Camperveer. The DWT Group has four branches in Zeeland and is therefore perfectly capable of operating in this region. Hubrecht van Harberden, the responsible work planner, talks about the Camperveer project: “This is a good example of our expertise. We work a lot in the recreational sector in Zeeland and can provide all electrical and mechanical installations for this. This means that our client has a single point of contact, which is great. In addition, it is very pleasant for our organization to be responsible for these installations.’

Keats and Byron recreation homes
Domein Het Camperveen offers, among other things, the detached holiday homes Keats and Byron. Eleqtron supplied the prefab Qneqt solutions for this. Marvin Meijs, Sales Engineer at Eleqtron, was closely involved in this: “These homes are about a unique concept. For example, the walls are supplied completely prefabricated according to timber frame construction, with the cabling for this part of the house already being installed in the factory. From these walls you can easily connect pluggable to the central boxes and the cabling in the ceiling. With that you have a fully pluggable installation, plug and play.’

Cabling plan
To make it easy for the DWT Group, Eleqtron has made a cabling plan with this installer and the prefab wall builder. Marvin Meijs explains: “Based on this plan, we have made the prefab Qneqt material, all made to measure. The house is fully pluggable, from the group cupboard to the central boxes and the switch material. We work closely with ABB on this, including the delivery of the Balance switch material.’

‘Saves half the time’
Hubrecht van Harberden is satisfied with the project that will be delivered in the autumn. “We needed more consultation compared to conventional installation. In addition, we have learned a lot. Ultimately, this prefab working saves no less than half the time. We are now only working two to three days at the construction site per property. And that is nice!

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Scalable charging infrastructure with Qcharge charging points for HumanCapitalCare

Scalable charging infrastructure with Qcharge charging points for HumanCapitalCare

Eleqtron recently delivered Qcharge charging points for outside parking spaces at the renewed office of HumanCapitalCare, at Science Park Eindhoven in Son (The Netherlands). This company is a service provider in the field of labor, vitality and health. The charging points, a total of 16, have been installed by BAM Bouw en Techniek. Thanks to the Qcharge total concept, installation costs are 25% lower. Another important advantage is that this charging concept can be expanded further in the future on the same power cable. This makes an optimum, scalable solution available.

Only one power supply of 63A required
With HumanCapitalCare, only one power supply of 63A is needed for the total load requirement. This is possible because of the unique dynamic charge / phase balance of the ZAPTEC ZapCharger Pro charging points: the only charging concept that continuously optimally distributes 1 and 3-phase charging sessions over the available power supply. This prevents imbalance in the installation. In addition, the phases are fully symmetrically loaded. This means there is no loss of capacity and peak loads are smoothed out.

Much lower installation costs
With the Qcharge concept, the installation costs, as with HumanCapitalCare, are much lower. This is in addition to the advantage that only one 63A power supply is required, because the electrical protection devices for both DC and AC are already built into the charging unit. As a result, there are no separate components that need to be installed again. In addition, the charging points can be connected directly to the 63A power cable.

The charging points are connected to the ZAPTEC Portal as usual: for monitoring, viewing charging statistics, drawing up reports and performing user registrations.

Qcharge total concept
With the Qcharge total concept, Eleqtron is taking the next step in charging electric vehicles (EV): the advantages of dynamic charging in combination with a flat-band installation, a very flexible form of energy distribution.

Advantages Qcharge total concept:

  • Charging up to 3 times as many electric cars in comparison with traditional solutions: this can reduce your capacity requirement by 90%.
  • Expand flexibly to (theoretically) 100 EV chargers on one 63A group.
  • Smart solution: automatic distribution of available power over several charging stations. Thanks in part to the dynamic loading phase balancing, the phases are always symmetrically loaded and peak loads are smoothed out..
  • Simple and very compact electrical installation.
  • Electrical protection devices built into the charging point (or charging station).
  • Handy and free cloud platform for configuration, consumption measurement and connection with other systems.
  • 5-year product warranty.

For the Qcharge concept in the Netherlands, Eleqtron represents the manufacturer Zaptec from Norway, an innovative manufacturer in charging technology for electric vehicles. With Qcharge, Eleqtron uses its prefabricated Qneqt flat-band cable from the Swiss manufacturer Woertz.

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